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"True happiness 

comes from the

joy of deeds well done,

the zest of 

creating things new."


Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Are you happy

with the job

you now have?

You can train to be an esthetician in just 10 1/2 weeks


a hairdresser in just 10 1/2 months.

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Career Peek

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"Do what you LOVE or do
something else! PLEASE!"
Franz Sigel Shroy

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Alaska Cosmetology School Reviews beauty school Anchorage Alaska AK
Beauty Schools in Alaska Reviews Anchorage Alaska AK
Haircutting - MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage Alaska AK

Beauty School

Haircutting with

​scissors, shears,

​razors, carvers, electric clippers &

electric ​trimmers. Anchorage Alaska

Highlights - MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage Alaska AK

Styling with blowdryers, irons, flat irons, roller, benders, etc.

Hair color - MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage Alaska AK

Hair coloring with

permanent, semi-perm & temporary hair color

Beauty School

Anchorage Alaska

Products - Highlights - MetrOasis ATC beauty school Anchorage Alaska AK

Working with hair and skin products like shampoos, conditioners, gels, sprays, mousses, waxes, pastes, glossers, etc.

Beauty School

Start your new career at the MetrOasis ATC Beauty School
Voted BEST beauty school in Alaska!

Hairdressing          Esthetics

Hairdressers & Estheticians
US News & World Report says
"One of the BEST jobs."

After all, while incomes may stop growing in a slow economy, beauty services don't.

U.S. News and World Report says "The future looks bright for skin care specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth of about 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is driven primarily by female clients – although men are increasingly seeking skin care specialists to battle the appearance of aging."

Beauty School Anchorage Alaska Esthetician Hairdresser



How To Search

It's interesting how people search for beauty schools. Some people include the word cosmetology, so cosmetology schools in Alaska, while others use hair schools in Alaska. Some people search for the school first and then the location such as, cosmetology school Alaska, while others search for the location and then the school such as, Alaska cosmetology schools. Some people search for hair schools in Alaska and others search for vocational schools in Alaska. Others use the name of the position such as hairdresser schools in Alaska or hairdressing schools in Alaska, or esthetics schools in Alaska or esthetician schools in Alaska. Whether you use the term beauty or hair or hairdresser or esthetician, you should try doing several different types of searches in your quest for the perfect school for you. You need to collect a goodly amount of information to make a sound judgment in which school to choose. Take good notes & pay attention to what is said and what is not said. There are things that certain schools just don't talk about, you need to know why.



Hairdressers and estheticians work in a fun environment in spas and salons and get to see the results of their work almost immediately. In fact, the ability to see the results of your efforts is commonly named as one of the most fun elements of hairdressers and estheticians when describing their jobs. Unemployment for hairdressers & estheticians is only about 4% and so far nobody has invented a robot that can do hair color, haircuts or facials so this number probably isn't going to be changing in the near future. The fashion and beauty industry is ever-changing so if you are an on-the-move kind of person this might be a great career choice for you.



The surest key to success in this kind of business is training. Train all the time, train everywhere and watch the fashion releases so that you can be prepared with new looks when your clients come knocking. If you aren't constantly training you can be left behind rather quickly. Don't go to the same hair shows year after year. Mix it up a little. Try going to a show far away. Try taking some hands-on classes. The wider the skills you learn the more you have to offer your clients.



The next key to success is to always strive for quality. The beauty business is shaped like a pyramid with the high earners on the top and the chop shops and budget spas at the bottom and there are a lot of them. Because of this clients can spend a lot of time finding a good hairdresser or esthetician. It amazes me that people with this understanding sometimes settle for a factory beauty school or a budget beauty school thinking somehow that they will learn top-end skills at a lower-end beauty school. I've never understood it, I've just seen it a lot. It just doesn't happen though. This is especially true in Alaska because you can't simply jump into your car and drive to a convenient location and get some advanced training. Every place is just too far away. So, your very first training experience is critical.



Finally, there is the consideration of your instructors. Only the best-trained instructors can provide you with the best training. Find out what the training level is of your instructors, not the time in the industry but the actual training level and the career level that your instructors have reached. Then check out how diverse your instructor's training is. I see ads that say things like "over a century of experience" but they're talking about a bunch of employees who have been working 6 or 7 years but there are a lot of them. Who cares? I've seen ads that say things like "We've got two hundred years of combined experience", but when you actually find out what this means they'll explain that they went to beauty school and then got their instructors license and that's it. Local, local, local. They've had very little or no advanced training at all. There are also schools that claim that they have really good student/instructor ratios and they provide the instructor/square foot ratio instead. One place even lists "instructors" in their list of instructor but they're either not working at that location at all. Your training will only be as good as your instructor's training and your instructors experience not how long they've been working in the same place, doing the same things,


If you have the best attitude, the best training and you're willing to work hard and smart, there is almost nothing that you can't do.

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